国际咨询工程师联合会(Fédération lnternationale Des lngénieurs Conseils,法文缩写FIDIC),中文音译为“菲迪克”;其英文名称是International Federation of Consulting Engineers,指国际咨询工程师联合会这一独立的国际组织。






1 General Provisions 一般规定

1.1 Definitions 定义
1.2 Interpretation 解释
1.3 Communications 通信交流
1.4 Law and Language 法律和语言
1.5 Priority of Document 文件优先次序
1.6 Contract Agreement 合同协议书
1.7 Assignment 权益转让
1.8 Care and Supply of Document 文件的照管和提供
1.9 Confidentiality 保密性
1.10 Employer’s Use of Contractors Documents 雇主使用承包商文件
1.11 Contractor’s Use of Employer’s Documents 承包商使用雇主文件
1.12 Confidential Details 保密事项 .
1.13 Compliance with Laws 遵守法律
1.14 Joint and Several Liability 共同的和各自的责任.

2 The Employer 雇主

2.1 Right of Access to the Site 现场进入权
2.2 Permits, Licences or Approves 许可、执照或批准
2.3 Employer’s personnel 雇主人员.
2.4 Employer’s Financial Arrangements 雇主的资金安排 .
2.5 Employer’s Claims 雇主的索赔

3 The Employer’s Administration 雇主的管理 

3.1 The Employer’s Representative 雇主代表 .
3.2 The Employer’s personnel 其他雇主人员
3.3 Delegated Persons 受托人员
3.4 Instructions 指示.
3.5 Determinations 确定

4 The Contractor 承包商

4.1 The Contractor’s General Obligations 承包商的一般义务.
4.2 Performance security 履约担保
4.3 Contractor’s Representative 承包商代表 .
4.4 Subcontractors 分包商.
4.5 Nominated Subcontractors 指定的分包商.
4.6 Co-operation 合作.
4.7 Setting out 放线 .
4.8 Safety procedures 安全程序 .
4.9 Quality Assurance 质量保证 .
4.10 Site Data 现场数据.
4.11 Sufficiency of the Contract Price 合同价格.
4.12 Unforeseeable Difficulties 不可预见的困难 .
4.13 Rights of way and Facilities 道路通行权于设施
4.14 Avoidance of Interference 避免干扰
4.15 Access Route 进场通路
4.16 Transport of Goods 货物运输.
4.17 Contractor’s Equipment 承包商设备
4.18 Protection of the Environment 环境保护 .
4.19 Electricity, Water and Gas 电、水和燃气
4.20 Employer’s Equipment and Free-Issue Material 雇主设备和免费供应的材料
4.21 Progress Reports 进度报告.
4.22 Security of the Site 现场保安
4.23 Contractor’s Operations on Site 承包商的现场作业 .
4.24 Fossils 化石 .

5 Design 设计

5.1 General Design Obligations 设计义务一般要求 
5.2 Contractor’s Documents 承包商文件 
5.3 Contractor’s Undertaking 承包商的承诺
5.4 Technical Standards and Regulations 技术标准和法规.
5.5 Training 培训
5.6 As-Built Documents 竣工文件
5.7 Operation and Maintenance Manuals 操作和维修手册.
5.8 Design Error 设计错误 .

6 Staff and Labour 员工

6.1 Engagement of Staff and Labour 员工的雇用 .
6.2 Rates of Wages and Conditions of Labour 工资标准和劳动条件
6.3 Persons in the Service of Employer 为雇主服务的人员 .
6.4 Labour Laws 劳动法
6.5 Working Hours 工作时间.
6.6 Facilities for Staff and Labour 为员工提供设施
6.7 Health and Safety 健康和安全
6.8 Contractor’s Superintendence 承包商的监督
6.9 Contractor’s Personnel 承包商人员 .
6.10 Records of contractor’s Personnel and Equipment 承包商人员和设备的记录 .
6.11 Disorderly Conduct 无序行为

7 Plant, Materials and Workmanship 生产设备、材料和工艺

7.1 Manner of Execution 实施方法
7.2 Samples 样品
7.3 Inspection 检验
7.4 Testing 试验
7.5 Rejection 拒收
7.6 Remedial Work 修补工作
7.7 Ownership of Plant and Materials 生产设备和材料的所有权 
7.8 Royalties 土地(矿区)使用费

8 Commencement,Delays and Suspension 开工、延误和暂停

8.1 Commencement of Works 工程的开工
8.2 Time for Completion 竣工时间
8.3 Programme 进度计划
8.4 Extension of Time for Completion 竣工时间延长
8.5 Delays Caused by Authorities 当局造成的延误
8.6 Rate of Progress 工程进度 
8.7 Delay Damages 误期损害赔偿费
8.8 Suspension of Work 暂时停工
8.9 Consequences of Suspension 暂停的后果
8.10 Payment for Plant and Materials in Event of Suspension 暂停时对生产设备和材料的付款
8.11 Prolonged Suspension 托长的暂停
8.12 Resumption of Work 复工

9 Tests on Completion 竣工试验

9.1 Contractor’s Obligations 承包商的义务
9.2 Delayed Tests 延误的试验
9.3 Retesting 重新试验
9.4 Failure to Pass Tests on Completion 未能通过竣工试验

10 Employer’s Taking Over 雇主的接收

10.1 Taking Over of the Works and Sections 工程和分项工程的接收
10.2 Taking Over of Parts of the Works 部分工程的接收
10.3 Interference with Tests on Completion 对竣工试验的干扰

11 Defects Liability 缺陷责任

11.1 Completion of Outstanding Work and Remedying Defects 完成扫尾工作和修补缺陷
11.2 Cost of Remedying Defects 修补缺陷的费用
11.3 Extension of Defects Notification Period 缺陷通知期的延长
11.4 Failure to Remedy Defects 未能修补的缺陷
11.5 Removal of Defective Work 移出有缺陷的工程
11.6 Further Tests 进一步试验
11.7 Right of Access 进入权
11.8 Contractor to Search 承包商调查
11.9 Performance Certificate 履约证书
11.10 Unfulfilled Obligations 未履行的义务
11.11 Clearance of Site 现场清理

12 Tests after Completion 竣工后试验

12.1 Procedure for Tests after Completion 竣工后试验的程序
12.2 Delayed Tests 延误的试验
12.3 Retesting 重新试验
12.4 Failure to Pass Tests after Completion 未能通过的竣工后试验

13 Variations and Adjustments 变更和调整

13.1 Right to Vary 变更权
13.2 Value Engineering 价值工程
13.3 Variation Procedure 变更程序
13.4 Payment in Applicable Currencies 以适用货币支付
13.5 Provisional Sums 暂列金额
13.6 Daywork 计日工作
13.7 Adjustments for Changes in Legislation 因法律改变的调整
13.8 Adjustments for Changes in Cost 因成本改变的调整

14 Contract price and Payment 合同价格和支付

14.1 The Contract Price 合同价格
14.2 Advance payment 预付款
14.3 Application for Interim Payments 期中付款的申请
14.4 Schedule of Payments 付款价格表
14.5 Plant and Materials intended for the Works 拟用于工程的生产设备和材料
14.6 Interim Payments 期中付款
14.7 Timing of Payments 付款的时间安排
14.8 Delayed Payment 延误的付款
14.9 Payment of Retention Money 保留金支付
14.10 Statement at Completion 施工报表
14.11 Application for Final Payment 最终付款的申请
14.12 Discharge 结清证明
14.13 Final Payment 最终付款
14.14 Cessation of Employer’s Liability 雇主责任的中止
14.15 Currencies of Payment 支付的货币

15 Termination by Employer 由雇主终止

15.1 Notice to Correct 通知改正
15.2 Termination by Employer 由雇主终止 .
15.3 Valuation at Date of Termination 终止日期时的估价.
15.4 Payment after Termination 终止后的付款
15.5 Employer’s Entitlement to Termination 雇主终止的权利

16 Suspension and termination by Contractor 由 承 包 商 暂 停 和 终 止

16.1 Contractor’s Entitlement to Suspend Work 承包商暂停工作的权利
16.2 Termination by Contractor 由承包商终止
16.3 Cessation of Work and Removal of Contractor’s Equipment 停止工作和承包商设备的撤离 .
16.4 Payment on Termination 终止时的付款

17 Risk and Responsibility 风险和职责

17.1 Indemnities 保障
17.2 Contractor’s Care of the Works 承包商对工程的照管
17.3 Employer’s Risks 雇主的风险.
17.4 Consequence of Employer’s Risks 雇主风险的后果
17.5 Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights 知识产权和工业产权 .
17.6 Limitation of Liability 责任限度

18 Insurance 保险

18.1 General Requirements for Insurances 有关保险的一般要求
18.2 Insurance for Works and Contractor’s Equipment 工程和承包商设备的保险.
18.3 Insurance against Injury to Persons and Damage to Property 人身伤害和财产损害险.
18.4 Insurance for Contractor’s Personnel 承包商人员的保险.

19 Force Majeure 不可抗力 .

19.1 Definition of Force Majeure 不可抗力的定义 .
19.2 Notice of Force Majeure 不可抗力的通知 .
19.3 Duty to Minimise Delay 将延误减至最小的义务.
19.4 Consequences of Force Majeure 不可抗力的后果
19.5 Force Majeure Affecting Subcontractor 不可抗力影响分包商 .
19.6 Optional Termination, Payment and Release 自主选择终止、支付和解除
19.7 Release from Performance under the Law 根据法律解除履约

20 Claims, Disputes and Arbitration 索赔、争端和仲裁

20.1 Contractor’s Claims 承包商的索赔
20.2 Appointment of the Dispute Adjudication Board 争端裁决委员会的任命.
20.3 Failure to Agreement Dispute Adjudication Board 对争端裁决委员会未能取得一致时.
20.4 Obtaining Dispute Adjudication Board’s Decision 取得争端裁决委员会的决定
20.5 Amicable Settlement 友好解决
20.6 Arbitration 仲裁.
20.7 Failure to Comply with Dispute Adjudication Board’s Decision 未能遵守争端裁决委员会的决定
20.8 Expiry of Dispute Adjudication Board’s Appointment 争端裁决委员会任命期满











单价合同(Unit Price)

总价合同(Lump Sum)





为什么学习FIDIC合同范本 ?




General Conditions of Contract,Special Conditions of Contract,Appendix to Tender 这三个文件之间的关系是什么?





1 竣工时间(在投标书附录中)用天数表示,加上8.4款规定的延长期。

2 为了表示事项的顺序,上图按承包商未能遵守8.2款为例。

3 缺陷通知期限(在投标书附录中)用天数表示,加上11.3款规定的延长期。

FIDIC出版的合同范本主要有哪些 ?

标准系列合同文件范本 Standard Forms of Contracts


FIDIC Standard Forms of Contract  FIDIC系列标准合同条件

1、Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering   Construction  土木工程施工合同条件  (1957, 1965, 1977, 1987, 1992(DAB))

2、Conditions of Subcontract for Works of Civil Engineering   Construction 土木工程施工分包合同条件  (1994)

3、Conditions of Contract for Electrical and Mechanical Works         机电设备安装合同条件      (1963, 1980, 1987)

4、 Conditions of Contract for Design-Build and Turnkey  设计—建造与交钥匙合同条件  (1995)

5、 Conditions of the Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement   业主与咨询工程师合同协议书   (1979, 1990, 1998)














什么是工程量清单 (Bill of Quantities),其作用是什么?



工程量清单与项目 WBS的关系?



什么是不平衡报价 ,投标者如何利用?


什么是计日工 ,计日工主要是针对什么项目的支付?









各类保函(保证)的作用是什么 ?额度一般是多少?


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